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AGRALE Truck PDF Manuals

Agrale 13000 Truck Specs PDF
Agrale 13000 Truck Specs PDF
Agrale 13000 Truck Specs PDF.pdf
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Agrale M80 85 93 Truck Engines Service Manual PDF
Agrale M80 85 93 Truck Engines Service Manual PDF
Agrale M80 85 93 Truck Engines Service M
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Agrale Marrua AM41 Truck Specs PDF
Agrale Marrua AM41 Truck Specs PDF
Agrale Marrua AM41 Truck Specs PDF.pdf
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Agrale Truck
Agrale Marrua Pick-up Truck

History of Agrale Trucks

Above on the page there're some Service PDF Manuals with Electric Wiring Diagram for AGRALE Trucks.


Agrale also produces engines, motorcycles, SUVs & tractors.


Agrale's first truck in 1982 was the TX 1100 with a 2-cylinder Agrale M 790 engine.


Soon the TX models were replaced by 1600 / 1800 trucks. The trucks received modern cabs with 4 rectangular headlights.


There were also all-wheel drive modifications.


In 1988, the Agrale 1800 model appeared with a 4-cylinder MWM 229.4 engine with a volume of 3.9 liters and a power of 65 hp. or with a Perkins Q20B 4236 engine with the same parameters.


The Agrale 1600 was produced until 1995 and the 1800 until 1998.


Since 1993, the 1600 and 1800 trucks have been updated.


A new model indexing system was introduced, the index of which now indicated the rounded gross vehicle weight.


The updated family includes the Agrale 4500, 5000 and 7000 truck models.


The cab remained the same, but the bumper, headlights, and grille were updated.


The next update of the Agrale range took place 3 years later.


The trucks received a new cab and more powerful engines.


Model indexation was as follows: 6000 / 7000 / 7500 / 8500.


In 2004, the lineup underwent another update.


The trucks received new bumpers with round headlights, new cab interiors, and new engines.


There are only 2 basic models left in the range - 6000 and 8500.


At the same time, heavier trucks with an enlarged 8500CE / 9200 cab were introduced.


The cabin can be in two versions - two- or three-seater.


In addition, as an option, it can be equipped with a bed.


Well, the first truly heavy truck Agrale was released in 2007. Model 13000 has a gross weight of 13000 kg and a load capacity of 8620 kg.


The chassis is equipped with a new cab, borrowed from the 8500CE / 9200 truck family.


Trucks are equipped with an MWM 6.10TCA engine with a volume of 6450 cm3 and a power of 173 hp.


Transmission 6-speed Eaton. Along with the 4x2 chassis, a heavier 6x2 chassis is being produced.


Its gross weight is 20,700 kg, and its carrying capacity is 14,750 kg.


In 2012, Agrale showcased a new generation of trucks that received an updated cab design, new engines and more advanced electronics.


The need to meet the environmental regulations of Proconve P7 (similar to Euro 5) has led to the availability of engines for new generation trucks.


The new model range includes light (6500 / 8700) and heavy (10000 / 14000) trucks.


The Agrale 6000 and 8500 trucks are being replaced by a new family in early 2016, which includes the A7500, A8700 and A10000 models.


The main difference between the new models is the cabin, borrowed from Isuzu medium-duty trucks.


Another priority for Agrale is the production of Marrua off-road vehicles.


So, from a manufacturer of agricultural machinery in Brazil, a brand has emerged that specializes in the production of not only tractors, but also trucks and SUVs.