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REO TM9-2320-209-34P Operator's Manual
REO TM9-2320-209-34P Operator's Manual
REO TM9-2320-209-34P Operator's Manual.p
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REO TM9-2320-361-20 Operator's Manual
REO TM9-2320-361-20 Operator's Manual
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REO is an automobile company based in Lansing, Michigan that produced passenger cars from 1905 to 1936. and trucks from 1910 to 1975.


Its founder and president was Ransom Eli Olds, who previously stood at the origins of the Oldsmobile brand.


Since the former partners forbade him through the courts to use his own name as a trademark, Olds designated the new company with his initials - REO.


Until the mid 20s. REO produced middle-class cars that were superior in reliability to more expensive competitors.


Then the managing director of the company, Richard Scott, expanded the model range to other price segments, but with the onset of the Great Depression, this strategy turned out to be unprofitable, which led to the exit from the passenger car market in 1936.


The most famous REO models are the 1927 6-cylinder Flying Cloud and the 1931 8-cylinder Royale, as well as the 1915 REO Speedwagon light truck.


During World War II, REO built around 20,000 Studebaker US6 trucks under license, which were sent under Lend-Lease to the Soviet Union.


This helped the company get back on its feet, but after the war it went through reorganization and bankruptcy procedures.


In 1954, Bohn Aluminum and Brass Corporation of Detroit bought out its main assets, and in 1957


REO became a subsidiary of the White Motor Company.


In 1967, the management of this company merged REO with Diamond T Trucks to form the Diamond REO Trucks division.


The last REO truck rolled off the assembly line in 1975.