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Bis Rexx Brochure
Bis Rexx Brochure
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Bis Rexx Specifications
Bis Rexx Specifications
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Bis Rexx Dump Truck

Features Bis Rexx Dump Truck

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The dump truck Rexx is a unique engineering creation of a little-known company from Australia Bis.


This machine has excellent characteristics and, what makes it stand out most favorably, consumes little fuel.


Rexx is a mining truck, however, instead of the standard four large wheels, it is equipped with twenty, which is completely untypical.


Thanks to such a cunning design, according to the manufacturer, the road train is capable of moving with 160 tons "on board" at a record speed of 60 kilometers per hour (which is about 2 times more than that of similar vehicles).


In addition, the dump truck is suitable for "long-range combat": its tires do not overheat and even if one of the wheels goes down, it will be able to continue moving freely.


Rexx is very manoeuvrable: the giant track has a turning circle of only 13.6 meters, which allows it to work in tight spaces. Equally important, the 20 wheels allow the load to be evenly distributed along the axles, making it easier to work in harsh operating conditions.


Bis notes that the fuel consumption of the Rexx is half that of other similar dump trucks with fewer wheels, which makes it more environmentally friendly.