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Chery FD15-35 Forklift Truck Specs
Chery FD15-35 Forklift Truck Specs
Chery FD15-35 Forklift Truck Specs.pdf
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Chery Forklift Trucks Specs & Lineup
Chery Forklift Trucks Specs & Lineup
Chery Forklift Trucks Specs & Lineup.pdf
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Chery Diesel Forklift Truck
Chery Forklift Truck

History Chery Forklifts

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The official date of birth of the concern with an authorized capital of 3 billion yuan is 2010.


Its production workshops are located in several industrial zones, including the cities of Wuhu, Taizhou, Nanlin, Kaifen.


An area of more than 3.5 thousand m2 has been allocated for the headquarters located in Wuhu.


The enterprise has its own research institute, as well as an international relations department, which are based in Beijing.


With 12 years of development, Chery Heavy Industry has become one of the biggest figures in Chinese machinery industry.


The concern specializes in the production of a variety of machinery and special equipment:


- agricultural special equipment, combines;

- mini-tractors and equipment for farmers, owners of private plots;

- heavy industrial vehicles, forklift trucks;

- construction, road special equipment;

- logistics machinery and equipment;

- accessories and spare parts to them.


The company actively conducts its own research work, introduces innovative components and mechanisms into production.


Over the past years, about 100 patents have been registered.


Management plans to create models fully developed by the company's engineers and scientists.


Chery forklift truck factory is based in Wuhu, Anhui province.


Its buildings and production workshops occupy an area of 50 hectares.


And the number of produced forklift trucks reaches 40,000 per year.


The company offers its customers models with medium and high load capacity.


Diesel forklift trucks Chery FD15-FD100 differ in dimensions, weight and load capacity - from 1,500 to 10,000 kg.


Efficient and economical engines of the Xichai 6110, XINCHAN G490BPG, NB485BPG models are installed on special equipment.


Their power varies from 16 to 83 kW.


The speed of movement with a load is 13-26 km / h.


The maximum lifting angle when working with loads is up to 20%.


Chery FЕ10-FE25 electric forklifts have a load capacity from 1,600 kg to 3 tons.


The speed of movement with a load reaches 13 km / h. The increased battery capacity allows you to work longer without recharging or replacing the battery, and electric motors with power from 8 to 37 kW provide high performance.


Eco-friendly, silent machines are in demand where clean air, the absence of vibrations and loud sounds are important.