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Marmon Truck Electric Wiring Diagram
Marmon Truck Electric Wiring Diagram
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Hisyory of Marmon Truck

Above on the page there's an Electric Wiring Manual for MARMON Trucks.


In 1963, after Marmon-Herington, the successor to the Marmon Motor Car Company, discontinued truck production, the new Denton, Texas-based company.


The Marmon truck produced a small number of handmade cars that were nicknamed Rolls-Royces among trucks.


A crowded American market and an insufficiently extensive sales network throughout the country led to the bankruptcy of the company in the United States.


The last Marmon truck was assembled in 1997 and the entire production, which was located in Garland (Texas), was bought by one of Navistar's Paystar divisions.


The first trucks were used to transport goods and they had a capacity of 20 tons for a single trailer, later they were used to transport heavy cast pipes from the Syrian deserts, trucks could easily move through sand or mud at a speed of 30-40 km / h.


The trucks were 300-550 hp.


The noise level of such trucks is very low, they can be used in a variety of areas: for example, in construction, in the forestry industry, heavy transport.


The engines of this company were used in the production of vehicles for military needs.


Such trucks were made to order, they met all the requirements and specifications of the Ministry of Defense: trucks could enter at a slope of 10% loaded with a weight of 135 tons.


These trucks travel at a speed of 90 km/h and use a Caterpillar 3406E diesel engine with a capacity of 500 hp.


Marmon trucks have a unique dual-circuit pneumatic braking system.


The system combines Caterpillar brake protection with Jacobs engine brake protection.


It is fully automatic, but can also be manually controlled.


Machines can have up to 800 hp.


Marmon trucks were the first of the hand-built vehicles, with rear-view mirrors and the dual wheel system for the first time.