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The Chinese company C & C Trucks Co., Ltd has begun mass production of a new range of V series heavy trucks, which is aimed at transport workers who want to save money when buying a truck in the first place.


For them, the Italian Torino Design Company has specially developed a narrower cabin, but with a low level of interior comfort.


The chassis has a lower curb weight compared to the U-range, and the C&C V-series trucks are mainly equipped with simple and reliable drive units.


Thus, the C&C V-Series (4x2) truck tractor, designed to transport port containers, is proposed to be equipped with a 6-liter Yuchai YC 6L290 engine with a capacity of 290 hp. and a 9-speed manual gearbox Fast 9JS119TA.


The carrier can also buy a C&C SQR4252N6ZT2-3 (6x2) V-series tractor that runs on LNG fuel.


The truck is designed to work as part of a road train with a gross weight of 37.7 tons.


The truck is equipped with a 6-cylinder 10.4-liter Yuchai YC6K1034N-50 gas engine with a capacity of 340 hp. China-V level.


The engine is aggregated with a 12-speed manual gearbox 12JSD160TA.


Liquefied natural gas is stored in two 450 liter stainless steel tanks.


The curb weight is 8.2 tons.


The load on the rear axle must not exceed 11.5 tons.