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Magaziner EK Stacker Specs PDF
Magaziner EK Stacker Specs PDF
Magaziner EK Stacker Specs PDF.pdf
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Magaziner EV Siacker Specs PDF
Magaziner EV Siacker Specs PDF
Magaziner EV Siacker Specs PDF.pdf
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Magaziner EK-1100 Stacker
Magaziner EK1200 Stacker

Features of Magaziner 3-Way Stackers

Above on the page there're some PDF Manuals for MAGAZINER Stackers / Forklift Trucks.


As the volume of warehouse space of class "A" and "B" increases, the need for equipment for high-rise storage increases, such as, for example, narrow-aisle stacker for 3-way cargo handling Magaziner (Germany).


The first high-altitude narrow aisle stacker for 3-way handling was created by the pioneer in the production of these high-tech machines by Magaziner in 1975.


Currently, Magaziner has a total of 1,900 narrow aisle stackers on its account, and production volumes are growing every year.


Magaziner narrow aisle stackers outperform the competition in a wide range of specifications, are built to suit specific applications and are unique in many ways.


So, for the manufacture of chassis and masts of machines, original high-strength alloys are used.


Each model of the company has its own individual characteristics and can be manufactured with the width required to work in passages from 1000 to 2500 mm in 50 mm increments.


Moreover, Magaziner is the only brand of narrow-aisle equipment with a lift height of up to 17 meters and a payload of up to 2000 kg.


All products can be explosion-proof and frost-resistant.


Each high-rise narrow-aisle stacker serves one or two inter-shelf "alleys" - aisles and moves along the side rails only straight, without turning.


Simultaneously with the horizontal movement, the machine raises or lowers the operator's cab with or without a load, which reduces the operation time.


In addition to the main mast, the stacker is equipped with an additional forklift (lifting height up to 2.3 m), on which the forks are actually located: it is located opposite the cab.


In addition to vertical movement, the forks can move left and right relative to the operator due to the side shift carriage, rotate 180° and move to the edge of the rack, which allows you to turn the load in the right direction, push it deep into the shelf, i.e. perform all the necessary operations.


The design of the cab and forklifts provides the best overview of the operator's working area and convenience when working with cargo units of different nomenclature.


One of the advantages of Magaziner stackers is that the lowering speed is controlled by hydraulic valves, which reduces the load on the hydraulic pump and motor.


They operate in resource saving mode. The temperature of the battery rises slightly. Hydraulic performance has been optimized. The battery is easily changed using a counterbalanced forklift.


Like a classic forklift, the Magaziner stacker also has a counterweight - otherwise it will not ensure the stability of the machine when working with loads at height.


However, for a conventional loader with a standard counterweight, the total length, together with the forks, is about 3 meters, and this determines the width of the working corridor.