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XCMG Trucks Lineup & Specs PDF
XCMG Trucks Lineup & Specs PDF
XCMG Trucks Lineup & Specs PDF.pdf
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XCMG XDE120 Electric Drive Dump Truck Specs PDF
XCMG XDE120 Electric Drive Dump Truck Specs PDF
XCMG XDE120 Electric Drive Dump Truck Sp
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XCMG XGA3250D2KC Truck
XCMG XDE300 Dump Truck

XCMG Electric Powered Trucks

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XCMG also produce truck cranes.


In anticipation of the introduction of a new environmental standard in China on December 1, 2022, according to which emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter must be reduced by 13-45% and 50-94%, respectively, companies began to actively look for ways to solve the problem.


Indeed, in addition to reducing the harmful effects of old equipment, the rules for handling old equipment will be strengthened.


This will force all manufacturers and users of such equipment to upgrade or replace it.


During the event, XCMG showcased 14 electric powered trucks of various capacities.


Some of them are powered by batteries, some are powered by hydrogen fuel cells.


Fuel cell electric trucks are already operating in Shansu, Turpan, Guangzhou.


They only need 3-5 minutes to replace the power supply.


Compared to a conventional battery drive, this saves almost 1,000 hours per 100,000 km.


In 2021, XCMG has already delivered 1,200 electric heavy trucks in China.


The company expects further demand for such equipment.


According to analysts, by 2025 the market for electric trucks will be about 200,000 vehicles.


At a partner conference at its headquarters in Xuzhou, Chinese manufacturer XCMG New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd announced plans to develop low-carbon vehicles and introduced a new brand, E-Blue.


Under it, heavy electric trucks developed in collaboration with Hebei Yuedi Group, Suzhou Green Control Transmission, Aleisi Hydrogen Energy Technology and others will be supplied.