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Bremach T-REX Truck Specs PDF
Bremach T-REX Truck Specs PDF
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Bremach T-REX Truck Pricelist PDF
Bremach T-REX Truck Pricelist PDF
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Bremach T-REX Truck

Bremach T-REX Trucks Features

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Bremach Industry has been presenting its products on the world market for over 50 years.


The Italians specialize in multi-purpose all-wheel drive off-road vehicles.


Today Bremach trucks are extremely popular in Europe.


They are used in a variety of areas: utilities, industry, the military sector.


In addition, Bremach has proven itself as an expedition vehicle.


The secret is in its reliability and excellent running characteristics.


Today, the flagship model of the Italian company is the Bremach T-Rex truck.


This is a multi-purpose truck that offers the perfect combination of comfort and off-road capabilities.


Bremach T-Rex was introduced back in 2007 at a motor show in the Italian city of Bologna.


Particular attention should be paid to the design of the frame and the frame of the cabin.


Let's start with the fact that standard truck cabs can withstand loads of 2-3 G.


Thanks to the tubular design, the Bremach cabin can withstand loads of 5G.


The cabin frame is made of a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm.


All pipes undergo special processing on the machine.


Thus, incredible structural strength is achieved.


IVECO units are used as power plants.


Until 2012, a 2.3-liter engine with 116 hp was installed on the Bremach T-Rex.


The engine complies with the EURO-4 standard. Now trucks are equipped with a 3-liter IVECO F1C (EURO-5) with a capacity of 170 hp.


There is a choice of manual or automatic transmission:


- Mechanical ZF S4000 (6+1);

- Automatic Allison 100Sp (5+1).


A transfer box of our own design is also offered.


It allows you to increase the torque on the wheels to maximum efficiency.


The driver can choose among a series of half gears and low gears.


In addition, it has a wide range of speeds, all electronic inclusions.


Bridges for the T-Rex are designed and built exclusively by Bremach.


They suggest a spring suspension with double telescopic shock absorbers.


Also note the increased stabilizer.


But the brake system is borrowed from the eminent manufacturer Brembo.


Depending on the cab and the specialization of the car, four options are selected wheelbase: 2.6 meters, 3.1 meters, 3.45 meters, 3.7 meters.


The weight of the Bremach T-Rex truck also depends on these criteria. It ranges from 3.5 to 6 tons.