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BeiBen ZF 5S-111GP Gearbox Spare Parts Catalog PDF
BeiBen ZF 5S-111GP Gearbox Spare Parts Catalog PDF
BeiBen ZF 5S-111GP Gearbox Spare Parts C
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BeiBen Heavy Truck Operator's Manual PDF
BeiBen Heavy Truck Operator's Manual PDF
BeiBen Heavy Truck Operator's Manual PDF
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Beiben V3 Tractor

History of BeiBen Trucks

Above on the page there're some Service PDF Manuals, Spare Parts Catalog & Electric Wiring Diagrams for BEIBEN (Nord Benz, Beifang Benchi)Trucks.


Brand owner is NORINCO G, directly structured in China North Industries Corporation through First Machinery Group Co, Ltd.


The headquarters of BeiBen Heavy Truck is located in Inner Mongolia, Baotou.


The history of the company has more than 88 years in the production and development of trucks, cars and parts for them.


In 1995 a historic agreement was reached with the Daimler concern, which produces German trucks under the Mercedes-Benz brand.


BeiBen Heavy Truck has obtained the right to use Mercedes-Benz technology in the production of its trucks.


Since 2013, all vehicles produced by BeiBen Truck Group CO have received the single brand "BEIBEN" and now vehicles with this brand are sold all over the world.


The enterprise combined the production capacities of five of its enterprises and geographically received an imaginary cross in China, namely the cities in which the enterprises are located on the map located precisely in the form of a cross; Baotou, Chongqing, Penglai, Beijing, Xinjiang.


Assembly lines are located directly in Baotou and Chongqing, and auxiliary production of components and assemblies is located in Penglai, Beijing and Xinjiang.


For many years now, the company has maintained a firm policy of using only advanced technologies to achieve high quality products and obtain the best value for money on North Benz products.

BeiBen Trucks Line-up

The main product of the company are trucks for various purposes with a wheel arrangement; 4x2,4x4, 6x2, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4, 8x8.


Truck  power varies from 220 hp. up to 610 hp, the carrying capacity of vehicles also varies from 8 tons to 70 tons.


And tractors are capable of pulling trailers with a gross weight of up to 300 tons.


The total number of models produced by the manufacturer is more than 1000 varieties of trucks, dump trucks, tractors, special chassis and others to meet the needs of consumers.


The main industries widely using BeiBen Heavy Truck products are military, postal, oil, chemical, mining and other civilian fields, and quickly covering the needs of domestic small and large enterprises for 80% of the needs.


In addition, products are also exported to Asia, Africa, South America and other regions in Egypt, Pakistan, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, more than 100 countries..


The main income of the main business is the plan to achieve income of 400 billion yuan.


BeiBen Heavy Truck fully understands the development plan of China North Industries Group Corporation NORINCO G to promote and modernize production and conquer new markets, the strategic plan for the development of the construction sector of the world economy.