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Howo Truck Electrical Wiring Diagrams & Fault Codes DTC
Howo Truck Electrical Wiring Diagrams & Fault Codes DTC
Howo Truck Electrical Wiring Diagrams &
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Howo Truck Engine Parts Catalog PDF
Howo Truck Engine Parts Catalog PDF
Howo Truck Engine Parts Catalog PDF.pdf
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HOWO A7 Truck
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Features of HOWO Trucks

Above on the page there're some Service PDF Manuals, Electrical Wiring Diagrams, Spare Parts Catalog & Fault Codes DTC for HOWO Trucks.


HOWO (SITRAK) T-series trucks have incorporated all the latest technical developments of the global automotive industry in the class of heavy trucks.


The largest technical contribution was made by MAN Trucks, one of the world's largest truck manufacturers, which brought with it the latest generation engines of the D08, D20 and D26 series, transmission units and modern cabs.


MAN owns 25% of the shares of SINOTRUK, therefore, it introduces its most modern developments into new truck models, such as T5G, T7H, C5, C7 models.


The corporation does not stop at technical innovations, but also significantly improves the driver's workspace, and brings it to the level of the best examples used on MAN vehicles in Europe.


Also, at the level of the best world samples, body and special superstructures on the SINOTRUK chassis, namely on dump trucks, use the most modern steel grades, as well as hydraulic equipment of the world leader HYWA.


On truck-mounted concrete mixers, main drum gearboxes are installed by GTN gydraulics brands, under the order, HIAB loader cranes of various capacities are mounted on the chassis, it is also possible to install a SCHWING STETTER (XCMG) concrete pump, and JOST brand coupling devices are mounted on tractors.


All this makes HOWO (SITRAK) trucks attractive to customers who want the best technical solution for their business at the best cost.


The A7 series vehicles are a technical solution for a heavy truck that incorporates all the best that the Chinese industry has produced in recent years.


SINOTRUK's cooperation with the Austrian company STEYR made the main contribution to technical improvement, the legendary WD 615 engines became the basis for this truck.


But the introduction of modern technologies during the modernization made this engine even more reliable, economical and environmentally friendly.


Also from STEYR, these trucks got drive axles, which have proven themselves from the best side in terms of reliability.


Modern cabs of the Howo A7 truck series give the driver a level of comfort that is not inferior to European brands of trucks, which makes the driver's work more productive.


A variety of bodies (dump truck, van, refrigerator, etc.).


And specialized equipment (auto concrete mixer, truck concrete pump, crane manipulator, etc.), which can be installed on the Howo A7 trucks series, allows the client to choose the best solution for business efficiency.