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Ebro P260 Truck
Ebro 4-Cylinder Trucks Diesel Engine Specs PDF
Ebro 4-Cylinder Trucks Diesel Engine Specs PDF
Ebro 4-Cylinder Trucks Diesel Engine Spe
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Ebro Trucks History

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Ebro is a Spanish truck manufacturer.


Ebro trucks company was founded in 1956 in Barcelona on the basis of the former Ford plant.


In 1956, the debut truck model Ebro D35, developed on the basis of the Ford FT, was presented.


The truck received a 70 hp diesel engine. from the English manufacturer Perkins.


In 1968, part of the shares of the car company Ebro was acquired by partners from Perkins.


In 1968, 12 new models of trucks weighing from 2.4 to 27 t appeared.


According to the results of 1968, Ebro confidently occupied a third of the European truck market. A little later, thanks to the release of the new Ebro F108 model, created on the basis of FIAT, 45% of the market was conquered.


In the early 1970s, Ebro produced vans, vans and pickup trucks powered by Perkins diesel engines.


Since 1980, Ebro has been working closely with Nissan.


In 1987, the Japanese automaker completely redeems the Spanish company.


Now only Nissan truck models were produced at the plant.


From this period, the production of trucks under the brand name Ebro was completely discontinued.